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Smallwood Manor - Summer Week

Playing our part as leaders in our faith

21 - 28 August 2017 (Mon - Mon)

All age      Self-help



We all have a leadership role to play in our lives. This might be either formal or informal; active or passive. Perhaps we are leaders at work, are leaders of our own children, or maybe our friendship circles at certain times call for direction and leadership.

If all of us have a calling to be leaders in our faith then perhaps this leadership comes through both our Catholic responsibility to be a witness and our commitment to living the gospel and loving our neighbour. In this CPW we will explore the nature of being a leader of faith and challenge ourselves on how we can use our faith to be both better leaders and better at living out God's word. Does our leadership strengthen our faith and does our faith strengthen our leadership?

There will be fun and laughter along the way and plenty of chances for us to bring out our creative sides as we journey together on this all age week.

Chair: Laurence Townley
Chaplain: Fr Tim Redmond
Organiser: Brid Fitzpatrick
Smallwood Manor, near Uttoxeter, has 50 acres of woodland, lawns, gardens and playing fields set in tranquil countryside. There is a range of 1-6 bed accommodation. Facilities include indoor heated pool, all-weather tennis courts and a gymnasium as well as a young children’s play area.

Information and Bookings:
Brid Fitzpatrick

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