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The gift of ministry

30 July - 3 August 2018 (Mon - Fri)

18+      Fully catered



“There are many different gifts...but the same spirit...” Cor. 12 vv. 4-11

Who has the gift of ministry? And what does that mean? Many dioceses face major challenges due to declining numbers of clergy. At the same time, a diversity of gifts within the church community is potentially overlooked. On this week we will reflect together on the factors that inhibit the flourishing of charisms held by women and men in the Church. What can we learn from models of ministry in the Scriptures, the Church in history and the wider Christian community?

Our conversation will include discussion on Pope Francis’ commission on women and the diaconate. It seems fitting therefore that not only will we be guests of a community of women religious at Penmaenmawr but we will be joined by Diane Ryan, an Anglican priest who has just completed a year as deacon, and her husband Greg, a Catholic lay theologian.

Team: Vin Allerton, Diane & Greg Ryan, Teresa Saunders

The Noddfa Spirituality Centre, run by Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary, is a Victorian mansion in lovely grounds overlooking the sea. The coastal resorts and mountains of North Wales are close by. Accommodation is mainly single or twin-bedded rooms, a few on the ground floor, plus stair lift to the 1st floor.

Information and Bookings: Vin Allerton

Online Booking has been disabled for this event or email the above.