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The joy of the Gospels

1 - 8 August 2016 (Mon - Mon)

18+      Fully catered



In Evangelii Gaudium Pope Francis challenges all Christians to share Christ's love with others. In this week we will consider the themes in this short book, and reflect on how we should respond. The Pope wants us to embark on a new chapter of evangelization, marked by joy. He also invites us to a renewed personal encounter with Jesus Christ. How can we do this? To proclaim the Gospel we need to know the Gospel, but Catholics are often poorly informed about the Good News.

We will be guided this week by Greg and Diane Ryan and our chaplain Fr Roy Pannell. Greg is director of the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies in Hallam Diocese, and Diane is training for the Anglican priesthood. Fr Roy is a former Anglican who is now a retired parish priest and he also contributes to the CCRS. All are excellent speakers.

We can guarantee an informative and joyful week!

Chair: Mike Campbell

Chaplain: Fr Roy Pannell

Organiser: Ted Monks

Speakers: Diane & Greg Ryan

The Noddfa Spirituality Centre, run by Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Mary, is a Victorian mansion in lovely grounds overlooking the sea. The coastal resorts and mountains of North Wales are close by. Accommodation is mainly single or twin-bedded rooms, a few on the ground floor, plus stair lift to the 1st floor.

Information & Bookings:       

Ted Monks

To book, you ccould complete the Online Booking Form for this event or email the above.