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Kintbury Summer Week

Feeling guilty – why are Catholics so good at it?

4 - 11 August 2017 (Sat - Sat)

All age      Partial self help + camping



Most Catholics would admit to the influence of guilty feelings in their lives, but why is this? Does Catholic culture place too much emphasis on sinfulness instead of forgiveness? Is this any different in other denominations?

On this week we shall consider ‘Catholic guilt’ in true CPW style: taking both serious and light hearted looks at how it helps and/or hinders our relationship with God, our sense of self worth and our ability to live fully Christian lives. We shall be exploring the theme from both a theological and psychological point of view through talks and discussions, reflection, creative art, liturgy and personal prayer.

There will be a parallel programme of activities for the children and young people as we try to find ways of acknowledging our sinfulness without carrying the guilt with us.

Chair: Liz Dingle
Chaplain: Fr Peter Hunter OP
Organiser: Cath Willcox
Chief Helpers: Tom O'Keeffe, Rachel Sweetman

St. Cassian’s Centre is run by the De La Salle Brothers and is set in beautiful West Berkshire countryside. The centre is very popular with youth groups, and its 70 acre site offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Camping is available on this week.

Information and Bookings:
Cath Willcox

Online Booking has been disabled for this event or email the above.