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Hyning (Spring weekend)

“...and all shall be well.” Christian hope today

17 - 19 March 2016 (Fri - Sun)

18+      Partial self-help



It seems hard to accept Julian of Norwich’s saying in the world we experience today, faced with wars, poverty, racism and so on. Hope also seems to be the neglected of the three theological virtues - faith, hope and charity. It is a virtue that is often misunderstood simply as hope in the life to come, eternal life.

Over the weekend we shall consider the difference between optimism and hope, and explore what we mean by Christian hope and how we experience it. We will look for signs of hope in our own lives, and how we sustain that hope and share it with others.

We shall have some formal input as well as discussions in small groups and plenary sessions, and will be sending out some preparatory reading before the weekend.

Chair: Patricia and Peter Worden
Chaplain: Fr Tim Redmond
Organiser: Breideen Murtagh

The tranquil Monastery of Our Lady of Hyning with its picturesque setting, simple chapel and welcoming Bernadine Cistercian nuns is a favourite venue for CPW. It is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in North Lancashire, near Carnforth. Accommodation is in single and twin-bedded rooms. Lift and full wheelchair access.

Information and Bookings: Breideen Murtagh HW2017@catholicpeoplesweeks.org.uk

To book, you could complete the Online Booking Form for this event or email the above.

Hyning Hall