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Online Booking Form - Boars Hill Reunion Weekend

PLEASE NOTE: THIS FORM WILL NOT WORK IF YOU HAVE JAVASCRIPT OR ACTIVE SCRIPTING DISABLED IN YOUR WEB BROWSER! If this is the case, simply send an email to the organiser/booking agent...

Please fill in the following booking form and send it by pressing the "Submit" button at the bottom.
Once your booking has been sent, you should receive a copy by email, and you will be contacted later with details of how to complete your booking and payment.

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Event: Boars Hill Reunion Weekend

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1 Year's Membership Fee £15 (£7.50 low income) for all at one address - any excess goes to Friendship Fund
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Please indicate here if you are a UK taxpayer and are prepared to make your payment "Gift-Aided". This will enable us to reclaim tax on your membership subscription and any donations you make. If you are not attending an event this year please indicate anyway and send membership fee to the Treasurer, Mike Willcox (address on Contacts Page). You will be sent a Gift-Aid Form to sign later.
I am a UK taxpayer and want CPW to treat all donations I have made in the four years prior to this date and all future donations, until I notify you otherwise, as Gift Aid donations.